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Trust Acme Aerospace electronics and batteries to power-up all your mission critical operations. Built to commercial and military requirements, Acme’s advanced systems deliver ultra-reliable start-up and back-up power for the world’s most demanding customers.

NonStop Power


Unsurpassed Reliability


Low Ownership Cost.

Acme’s patented sealed FNC batteries form the basis of an advanced power system that has been chosen for such high-profile uses as the Boeing 777, Boeing Apache Longbow Attack Helicopter and numerous space vehicles.


Our combined power systems are perfectly suited for commercial, military and general aviation, as well as industrial and medical applications. If you need power in a remote location, or as a back-up power source, Acme delivers it where and when it’s needed.

Acme Is The Only Manufacturer

of Superior Quality

Zero Maintenance” FNC Batteries

A Wide Range of

Custom Battery Power Solutions

Acme offers a wide range of battery power and electronic solutions that can be custom designed to meet your specific needs. We engineer and manufacture all our systems under one roof, so we are truly a “one-stop” source for all your emergency back-up power needs.

It All Starts With

Acme Aerospace

Acme Offers:


* "Zero Maintenance" Sealed Fiber Nickel Cadmium(FNC) Battery Systems


* Vented "Low Maintenance" FNC Battery Systems


* Charge Control Units (for all Battery Technologies)


* AC/DC and DC/DC Converters


* Inverters


* Transformers


* Build to Print Services


* Lithium Batteries

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* New Product Line!  Lithium Batteries