Power Systems You Can Depend On

Self Contained, Sealed Lead-Acid Battery

and Battery Chargers

Key Features:


* Full Line of Unique

Battery Test Equipment


* Maintain Peak Battery Performance


* Recorded Results


* Variable Interfaces









Acme Aerospace also designs and manufactures a full line of test equipment that will assist the operator in maintaining their power supplies at peak performance.


Some of these include:

•  Advanced Computer Controlled Test System

•  On-Board Discharger with Data Logger

•  Boeing 777 ATP Test Set

•  Electronic Load Bank

•  Boeing 777 Battery Fan Test Set

Pre-Engineered Products


NEW State-Of-The-Art

Advanced Computer

Controlled Battery Test Set


This completely new system allows the operators) to test their batteries at the individual cell level. This means the operator can replace individual cell(s) that have fallen below capacity requirements, instead of replacing the entire battery.


This battery test system can also be programmed for any battery chemistry. The Acme Advanced Computer Controlled Battery Test Set operates in a windows environment, utilizes HPV software, and records the test results in a spreadsheet.

The Only Battery Test System You’ll Ever Need!

The Only Battery Test System

You’ll Ever Need!


NEW Boeing 777

Fan Relay Battery Test Set


Acme’s “All New” Fan Relay Interface Battery Test Set provides the operator an easy to operate test set to verify the fan’s logic control assembly integrity.


Lithium Batteries