Power Systems You Can Depend On

Power Conversion Components

Key Features:


* Helps Maintain Full Battery Charge


* Extended Storage Time Up to 90 Days


* 90 Day Connection







Long Life, Low Weight, Low Maintenance

Power Conversion Systems


Acme power conversion systems use sophisticated switch-mode rectifiers instead of conventional components. This reduces overall weight by 40% and extend service life.


Combined, Acme’s sealed FNC batteries and power electronics form the basis of an advanced power system that has been chosen for the Boeing 777, F/A 18 Hornet E-3 & E-6, Boeing Apache Longbow Attack Helicopter and space vehicles.

Power Products


50 AMP AC/DC Power Converter


This Rugged Converter/Battery Charger performs under the most stringent environmental conditions. The 50-Amp Converter/Battery Charger converts 3-phase AC power to 28 VDC with a maximum current of 50 Amps. The converter will withstand 30 G’s of vibration for up to two hours to satisfy the most demanding conditions.

Acme’s power conversion products are designed to work in the harshest environments known to man to supply Non-Stop power.

NEW Three Phase Current Transformer


Acme Aerospace's "All New" Three Phase Current Transformer is an approved replacement for Boeing's Part No. 60B00010-5. Acme's Transformer is rated at 115/200 Volts, 400 Hz and will measure currents up to 400 Amperes.


Lithium Batteries