Power Systems You Can Depend On

NonStop Power


Unsurpassed Reliability


Low Ownership Cost.


Battery Cell Technology

Key Features:


* Any position Operation


* No Hazardous or Flammable Gases


* No Spilled Electrolyte


* High Shock and Vibration Tolerance


* Five Years/+ Shelf Life


* Fail-safe Operation



Exclusive Battery Cell Design Offers Unsurpassed Reliability

While Reducing Costs


Acme’s next generation technology is the result of a cooperative 14-year development program and partnership with the world renowned Daimler-Benz/Volkswagen research laboratory. The result was an innovative plate structure and material technology advancement that radically enhances the efficiency of the charge/ discharge reactions and eliminates the risk of thermal runaway.

The Plates Make the Difference


The heart of the FNC battery is the fiber-structured electrode. The plates are made from a nickel-coated fiber matrix into which the cell’s active material is firmly embedded. The electrode features close contact between the active material and the high surface area current collecting matrix while allowing excellent electrolyte penetration.


This three-dimensional structure permits a complete and uniform utilization of the active material. These fiber-structured electrodes can be manufactured using the same technology for practically any required thickness, so the FNC battery will have the same basic properties and characteristics regardless of the plate thickness

Better Performance

at Lower Temperatures


The FNC cell also has extremely good performance at low temperatures. At -18C, the cell gives 90% of the one hour-rated capacity at +25C

No Capacity Fading


The FNC recombination cycle maintains the charge balance between positive and negative plates, resulting in zero capacity fading. Capacity lost by cycling at high temperatures is typically recovered by normal discharge/charge cycling at lower temperatures. Deep discharge cycling is not necessary, eliminating the necessity for battery removal from the aircraft.

Lithium Batteries