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Acme Aerospace



Acme Aerospace has an extensive history in the design and manufacture of emergency backup batteries, battery chargers, and battery assemblies.  Advanced concepts in power conversion lead to significant weight savings over the competition.



Expertise in charge control design has resulted in Acme receiving development contracts for chargers to accompany lead-acid, sealed lead-acid, vented Nickel Cadmium, sealed Nickel Cadmium sealed Fiber Nickel Cadmium batteries, Nickel Metal Hydride and Lithium Ion.


Acme Aerospace possesses over 30 years experience in the custom design and manufacturing of AC/DC and DC/DC converters.  Acme’s reputation has been built by thousands of converters and charge control units successfully flying on both military and commercial aircraft around the world.



In addition, Acme has developed and manufactures the sealed Fiber Nickel Cadmium (FNC) Battery System supporting the world’s only battery which is in use on the Boeing 777, Apache AH-64D, MD-90, Apache AH64A, and F-16 Falcon.


Acme can also provide main battery chargers for all battery technologies.



Acme established itself as a leader in emergency backup batteries with the release of its Airborne Modular Power Supply (AMPS).  The AMPS family leveraged off the reduced weight of sealed Nickel Cadmium cells coupled with an internal charger and controller.


Typically selected in applications where duty cycle and weight were critical, Acme has produced In excess of 5,000 units.  Acme utilizes cylindrical NiCad technology for our AMPS-500 supplies 50 watts for 30 minutes, the AMPS-1000 supplies 100 watts for 30 minutes, and the AMPS-2000 is 200 watts for 30 minutes. We also offer our AMPS-2000XL which utilizes a cylindrical Sealed Lead Acid technology with the same specifications as our AMPS-2000.



Acme Aerospace will provide all drawings, specifications, and process descriptions required for customer qualification of Acme Aerospace designs.  Acme's present quality procedures will ensure any documentation submitted for qualification and/or process evaluation shall be adequate for customer’s evaluation and for Acme Aerospace’s production needs.  Acme Aerospace may require that the customer for some proprietary design documentation release approve a nondisclosure statement.  Acme Aerospace will correct any and all workmanship and/or design deficiencies found during the qualification.  All drawings and specifications effected by such changes shall be completed prior to production hardware build.


This procedure is managed by the use of internal design reviews.  However, by our use of design of experiments during the prototype phase, minimal changes should be required as a result of qualification.  Acme Aerospace shall conduct complete first article inspection of all purchased and manufactured parts for qualification units per quality procedure, “First Article Inspection-Procured.”