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Acme Aerospace

Acme Offers:


* "Zero Maintenance" Sealed Fiber Nickel Cadmium(FNC) Battery Systems


* Vented "Low Maintenance" FNC Battery Systems


* Charge Control Units (for all Battery Technologies)


* AC/DC and DC/DC Converters


* Inverters


* Transformers


* Build to Print Services



Input & Customer Service

FAA / EASA Certification


Acme operates and maintains on premise a FAA certified repair station, #KN6R671N.  This station has been established for the specific purpose of supporting Acme Aerospace Products.  Acme operates this station in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Aviation Regulations.   Acme utilizes a Return Material Authorization (RMA) system to track customer’s hardware from notification to receipt, through evaluation and repair and back to the customer.


Our Customer Service Department maintains repair records of every product returned in their database.  These records are evaluated for trend analysis and potential product improvements.


To provide global support, Fokker Services, a division of Stork, also has the capability of providing repair services on many of our assemblies.  Fokker Services and Acme have nearly two decades of business relations in support of the repair and maintenance of Acme products.


Key to this relationship is the strategic location of Fokker’s support group.  To minimize logistics and transportation costs, Fokker operates two service centers in support of Acme.  Fokker’s main headquarters are located in The Netherlands, centrally positioned to provide service to Asia and the Middle East.  The second facility is located in Singapore, offering support to regions of the Pacific Rim  and Asia.


In addition to Fokker’s advantageous positioning,  it should be noted that Fokker centers are certified to EASA and FAA standards.


The combination of Acme’s United States repair station coupled with EASA-approved centers in Europe and Asia provide comprehensive, global support of this program for all of our customers.


Key component stock levels will be maintained at each respective center.

Lithium Batteries