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Battery Back-Up Systems

Key Features:


* Back-Up Power When Needed


* Dedicated or Emergency









Self-Contained, Sealed

Lead-Acid Battery Chargers


Acme offers standard and custom battery back-up options using our sealed  zero maintenance FNC battery technology. These advanced back-up systems eliminated the need for explosive gas ventilation ducts, catch trays for corrosive electrolyte spills, and necessary maintenance as a repetitive line service problem.


Acme was the only battery/charger system manufacturer that could meet the power-to-weight ratio requirements of the Boeing 777

Pre-Engineered Products


2000XL Airborne Emergency

Back-up System


The 2000XL take reliability and cost to a new level for emergency power supplies! Low initial cost, low pack replacement costs, drop-in compatibility, high reliability, and great dispatch availability are just a few of the reasons to consider this unit.


The 2000XL has been PMA approved as a direct replacement for any application using the Acme Aerospace AMPS-2000 (Acme P/N 154BS101-1/2 or P/N 225BS101-1), and all applications using the Securaplane XL246-A. The 2000XL uses a lead acid battery pack to significantly reduce the cost of pack replacements. The state of the art electronics provide the best in battery charging and protection, and are qualified to the latest revision of DO-160.

Whatever your battery back-up needs, Acme can supply a solution.

Dedicated Battery Backup Systems (DBC)

Ensure Continuous Support and Protection

for Integrated Standby Flight Display (ISFD)


Acme’s Dedicated Battery/Charger (DBC) provides an emergency power source for an aircraft’s avionics. A DBC becomes the critical link in a properly designed standby display system.


As an example, Acme Aerospace’s DBC for Boeing’s Integrated Standby Flight Display (ISFD) is a self-contained backup power system designed specifically to protect today’s state-of-the-art integrated standby flight systems. The built-in charger/monitor fully conditions and maintains the high power capability of the sealed lead acid battery.


Lithium Batteries